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Menu of the day

Monday to Friday from 13-16 hrs. except holidays. The team of Elsa and Fred work every day preparing authentic dishes with fresh and high quality products which vary according to the season. You can always choose from several dishes.


Every Saturday and Sunday brunch at Elsa and Fred has become a classic of Barcelona’s weekend . The brunch is served only on weekends from 9 to 16 h. and holidays from 9 to 14 h.

Difficult to resist the temptation of this simple and extensive menu of delicious and elegant brunch which can be even more enjoyable if accompanied by family or friends.

Who we are

With more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant business Camila and Sofia Matarazzo along with Ramon Miracle guided by intuition and a desire to see their dreams come true they decide to give life to Elsa and Fred.

“It could have been just luck or actually the sum of several things. We always had the belief that at some point this would happen. Everyone has a dream and eventually if we wish to heart the right time is fulfilled.”

Elsa y Fred reinvents the classic tapas bar with a creative cuisine with subtle inspiration from international cuisine. With special care in the presentation with maximum respect for the original flavors of each ingredient. When we make a dish we do one put into it all our passion and creativity.

Elsa and Fred invites you to enjoy a good breakfast, menu during the day, sandwiches, tasty cakes, tapas and fine wine and cocktails.

Who we are

With more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant business Sofía and Camila Matarazzo, along with Ramona Miracle, guided by intuition and the desire to see their dreams come true, they decided to give life to Elsa y Fred.