Spanish/Argentine film Elsa y Fred speaks of love, hopes and dreams. An appropriate name for this “gastrobar” opened last year by Argentinean sisters Camila and Sofia with Catalan head chef Ramon.

Inspired by the elegance and warmth of a 1950’s Europe, Elsa y Fred reinvents the classic tapas bar, infusing fresh, seasonal Mediterranean cuisine with international touches. The kitchen never closes – start off the morning with a breakfast of fresh-baked croissants, muesli with Greek yogurt & honey, French toast or ham & eggs.

During the day they serve cocas and sandwiches like the Pastrami with Caramelized Onion, Arugula and Mustard Sauce. Choose from traditional tapas such as patatas bravas or Mushroom Croquettes or experimental offerings like Mussels with Lime, Ginger & Coriander or Tuna Tartare with Beets & Fresh Cheese.

Finish with the Carrot Cake or Strawberry Stew with Balsamic Pepper Reduction & Vanilla Ice Cream. On weekends and holidays they serve brunch, during the week lunch for €13.50, and dinner runs about €25 a head. Ask for recommended wine pairings, try the homemade vermouth (a local specialty), sangria or sample one of over a dozen designer gin ‘n’ tonics or traditional cocktails.